World’s top 5 biggest unsolved mysteries!

Solving mysteries is one of those things humans are always interested in. With the help of science and today’s technology, mysteries are much easier to solve, but that’s not the case for a few ones. Even today there are hundreds of unsolved mysteries exist in this world. In this article we will go through a few of this kind, world’s biggest top five unsolved mysteries. Hope you enjoy it.

1. What is UVB-76 radio station’s purpose and who runs it?

unsolved mysteries!

UVB-76 radio station is a radio station believed to be in Russia and known as The Buzzer. The weird thing is no one knows who is actually running it. The station has a call sign UVB-76 and transmits a monotonous buzz sound at a rate of 25 sounds per minute, 24 hours per day. The station has been running since the 1980′s and on rare occasions the buzz sound will stop and a Russian will start reading off random numbers and names. There hasn’t been any official acknowledgements regarding this station. Many believe that, this voice people hear is some kind of coded military transmissions. Some people say this is just a placeholder for the Russian military. But again none of these explain why the random numbers and names are being transmitted.

2. Taos Hum

unsolved mysteries!

This is a sound which you can hear in the small town of Taos, New Mexico. The sound is similar to a sound of a distant diesel engine. Now you might be thinking where is the mystery in this? The fact is no one knows what produces this sound. And the mystery is a lot of sound detection devices are not able to pick it up. It can be heard through your naked ears though. So what produces this sound and for what purpose, still remains unknown.

3. The Mary Celeste

unsolved mysteries!

On November 7, 1872 a merchant vessel known as Mary Celeste set sail from New York to Italy. The mystery started when the ship was found floating around in the Strait of Gibraltar with no people on board. When she started her sail there were ten people on board but when the ship was found there were no one. The interesting part in this mystery is, when the ship was found all the cargo was still on board and there were no signs of struggle. The only thing that was missing in the ship was a single lifeboat. Even today no one actually knows where these people went. It is like they vanished into thin air.

4. Bermuda Triangle

unsolved mysteries!

Bermuda triangle and associated ship and airplane disappearances are perhaps the biggest unsolved mysteries in this world. Bermuda triangle which is also known as the Devil’s Triangle is an area in Atlantic Ocean which lies between Florida and the islands of Bermuda. A number of airplanes and ships have mysteriously disappeared while in that area. There are several theories which kind of explains this but again, nothing has been proved or solved yet. One of the similar theory suggests possibility of  methane eruptions from the ocean floor. Another one suggests the possibility of some kind of strange magnetic field over at that place. Now there is another theory which suggests that there are unknown advanced race living underwater or in space which abducts the ships and airplanes.

The disappearance which likely to have started the mystery of Bermuda triangle is the disappearance of a group of U.S. Navy Avenger planes in December 1945. The planes were carrying 14 men. Now soon after the disappearance, 13 servicemen were sent for finding these planes who also disappeared.

5.  UFO sightings from Kaikoura, New Zealand

unsolved mysteries!

When it comes to intelligent life forms from space, we don’t have much information and we don’t even know if they exsit. Despite that fact there are thousands of people who believe this simply is not the case and they blame the government for covering up these details and sightings. But this particular UFO sighting from New Zealand had hit main stream media. It all started in 1978 when people started reporting abducted sheep from the farmers in the foothills on the coastal mountains of New Zealand’s south island. Then there were some reports of some lights from the space which are a mystery. These lights were witnessed by an officer at a Blenheim military base upon which he contacted the local air traffic control. Surprisingly they too detected these lights and it even showed up in their radar.

Soon after this police started getting reports from people who said they saw some kind of lights playing on the sea and unexplained lights in the sky. When the light sources were tracked it was found that, they were traveling at the speed of 1,930 kph. An Australian news cameraman managed to capture some of the most credible evidence of UFOs ever caught on film.

Now if that wasn’t weird enough, here is a more weird fact. There is this unsolved case of the disappearance of an Australian pilot Frederick Valentich who happened to be flying his plane while all this was happening. 

So that’s it for today. I hope it was a good read and you enjoyed reading it. If you happen to know any weird unsolved mysteries, do let us know by commenting below.

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