Some of the weirdest foods ever – Top 5

     As the culture differs from place to place, so does the food. What some people consider delicious, may not be so for people from the other side of the world. If you are a food fanatic you must be knowing that already.

     There are some dishes which can be classified under WEIRD or GROSS. In this article I am writing about these kind of foods, foods which are considered to be weird by most of the people. But believe me, most of the foods in this list are delicious despite the fact that the way they prepare or the ingredients may make some people just want to puke.

1. Balut

 weirdest foods

     The top spot goes for this one. In case you couldn’t make it out from the above picture, the picture shows a developing duck embryo being boiled alive. This special dish from South East Asia is commonly sold as a street food in Philippines. It is very popular in other South East Asian countries such as Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. But outside of South East Asia this food is considered to be a taboo food. This special food is often sold along with beer.

2. A-Ping a.k.a. Fried tarantulas (called a-ping)

weirdest foods

     The second one in the most weird food items list is Fried Spiders/Fried tarantulas. The specialty snack is from the town of Skuon in Cambodia. The snack is available nationwide though and is a major tourist attraction. The people who have tasted it says the dish tastes like a cross between chicken and cod. The legs contain little flesh and the head and the body have “a delicate white meat inside”. Now as for the abdomen part many people say it is weird and are not eatable at all. This part is said to be containing a brown paste consisting of organs, possibly eggs, and excrement.

3. Escamole

weirdest foods

     Now enough with the gross ones, don’t you think? This particular dish is rather weird than gross. In this special dish from Mexico ant larvae from the roots of Agave tequilana or mescal plants in Mexico is the major ingredient. The dish is said to have a cottage cheese-like consistency and a buttery, yet slightly nutty, taste.

4. Blodplättar (Swedish) or veriohukainen (Finnish)

weirdest foods

     We have already covered weird food dishes from both Asia and America, now it’s time for Europe to shine. This particular food item is known as Blood Pancakes in English and like the name states it obviously has to do with blood. The pancake is made of pork blood, milk, rye flour, dark molasses, onion and butter and is a popular dish from Finland and Sweden.

5. Rocky Mountain oysters

weirdest foods

     Don’t let the name fool you. This particular dish has nothing to do with oysters, instead the major ingredients in this dish are  bull calf testicles cut into several pieces. Some times instead of bull calf testicles, they use pig or sheep testicles. This is a well-known novelty dish in parts of the American West and Western Canada.

So I guess your mouth is watering by seeing and reading about our list of top 5 weirdest foods ever. If you know a dish which is grosser or weirder, please do let us know by commenting below.

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