Best mysterious movies | List of mysterious movies of all time.

      A mystery movies is a genre of film revolving around the solution to a problem or a crime. It focuses on the efforts of a protagonist to solve the mystery by means of clues, investigation, and deduction. Nothing beats a top mystery movie that has all the key ingredients of a nail-biting thriller. Here is the list of top mysterious movies of all time.

mysterious movies

Best Mysterious Movies

1. Gone Girl

      Release Date:      3 October 2014
      Director:              David Fincher
      Box Office:          36.93 crores USD

2. Memento

      Release Date:       25 May 2001
      Director:               Christopher Nolan
      Box Office:           3.97 crores USD

3. Wind river

      Release Date:        3 August  2017
      Director:                Taylor Sheridan
      Box Office:           4.5 crores USD

4. The Sixth Sense

      Release Date:         6 August 1999
      Director:                M. Night Shyamalan
      Box Office:            67.28 crores USD

5. Zodiac

      Release Date:         2 March 2007
      Director:                 David Fincher
      Box Office:            8.48 crores USD

6. Shutter Island

      Release Date:        17 February 2010
      Director:                Martin Scorsese
      Box Office:            29.48 crores USD

7. The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

      Release Date:         21 December 2011
      Director:                 David Fincher
      Box Office:            23.26 crores USD

8. The Others

      Release Date:         10 August 2001
      Director:                 Alejandro Amenábar
      Box Office:             20.99 crores USD

9. Seven

      Release Date:          22 September 1995
      Director:                  David Fincher
      Box Office:              32.73 crores USD

10. Get Out

      Release Date:           23 January 2017
      Director:                   Jordan Peele
      Box Office:              25.54 crores USD

11. Clue

      Release Date:           13 December 1985
      Director:                   Jonathan Lynn
      Box Office:              1.46 crores USD

12. Murder Mystery

      Release Date:           14 June 2019
      Director:                   Kyle Newacheck
      Box Office:

13. The Silence of the Lambs

      Release Date:           14 February 1991
      Director:                   Jonathan Demme
      Box Office:              27.27 crores USD

14. Mystery river

      Release Date:           23 May 2003
      Director:                   Clint Eastwood
      Box Office:              15.68 crores USD

15. The Girl on the Train

      Release Date:           20 September 2016
      Director:                   Tate Taylor
      Box Office:              17.32 crores USD

16. Murder on the Orient Express

      Release Date:           24 November 2017
      Director:                   Kenneth Branagh
      Box Office:              17.32 crores USD

17. Gone Baby Gone

      Release Date:           10 October 2014
      Director:                   David Fincher
      Box Office:              36.93 crores USD

19. The Secret in Their eyes

      Release Date:           11 November 2015
      Director:                   Billy Ray
      Box Office:               3.49 crores USD

20. The prestige

      Release Date:           17 October 2006
      Director:                   Christopher Nolan
      Box Office:              10.97 crores USD

This is the list of top 20 mysterious movies of all time.
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